Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Wonderful Lord's Day

Although I didn't want to get up at all and took an hour or so to finally roll out of bed, I eventually did just that. I got out of bed and headed off to church to prepare for worship today. Between the coffee and the quiet that all went well. People showed up in spite of the heat.

It was just one of those Sunday's when everything works out o.k. The sermon, in spite of fits and starts came off o.k. and the communion even with my shaky hands came off o.k. too. The rest of the day was a dream as several families headed off for swimming on this near 100 degree day at Nat Soo Pah and I headed off for Brunch at Jakker's with a group of women from the church as well as one of their son's. Sadly, once I finally got home, I didn't get as much reading done as I had hoped since my mother called, although we too had a good talk about my past week as well as her's and dad's (spent at the Jersey Shore it's hard to see it being anything but good)!

So here I sit, a priviledged prince whose wife is preparing dinner and whose son is so worn out by swimming that I am assured a little more rest this evening in order to read my latest "alternative history novel." And now Kathy is calling "DINNER'S READY" so we better head off to the dining room!

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