Friday, August 28, 2009

Many Samaritans

Earlier in the day I posted on Facebook that I felt like someone had beat me up and left me by the side of the road. I really didn't mean anything about that other than I was tired after a stressful week and didn't realize any kind of scriptural allusion until after typing it.

But I soon found out how blessed I am to be surrounded by people who are willing and ready to stop by the side of the road and pick me up. Throughout the day other Facebook friends have helped to boost my spirits along with family and the thought of an evening launching model rockets.

It is times like these that I am truly thankful for how God works in my life. Being surrounded by friends who care, whether they are on Facebook or not is very affirming especially when I've been feeling so down.

So in a little while I'll head home after having been brushed off by those who care for me, keeping in mind opportunities to return the favor.

Monday, August 24, 2009

First Grade

We are all up and ready to go! Eric has on his new Bakugan T-shirt and Z-Strap sneakers. He was a little disappointed that he couldn't wear shorts, but the weather is starting a little cool for the first day so he's got jeans on. Meanwhile Kathy and I are ready to go off to CSI for the exercise trail without having to pay for a babysitter!

Eric seems excited enough, though most of his excitement is due to his new shirt and shoes so we'll have to wait until after school to find out how much of his giddiness is for school. So how are Kathy and I feeling? That's an even more difficult question. In part we are looking forward to our extremely extroverted son having interaction with more people on a daily basis, plus the bus picking up at 8 a.m. and dropping him off at 4 p.m. gives us both some quiet time. Then again, that he's on the track of speeding life along is difficult to watch as well; especially as I watch people at church with newborns and vaguely remember those days as well, but now my baby is into Bakugan and Legos instead of sleeping and messing his diaper. In other words, he's well on the way to not needing me.

Perhaps that's a little to melodramatic for the first day of First Grade. It isn't as though its his first day of college or his wedding day. But it is easy to see how fast kids grow up. That cliche hasn't meant much to me these last few years, oh sure he's grown, but his days have remained relatively the same. But not any longer, now I'll only be able to have lunch with him on Saturdays and Sundays from September through May. I guess I better not get myself in this kind of funk, Eric won't want to see anything from me but a smile and well wishes here in a few minutes--off to Elementary school!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


That one word describes why I haven't updated my blog yet. After resisting the idea for some time, I finally added myself to the social-networking phenomenon. I must say that I was skeptical, after all how much real contact can you have with people when you can't hear their voice or see their face? But what I've found out is that Facebook can be just one more way for me as a Pastor to stay in touch with and find out how the people in my charge are doing. Of course that still means following up with people which takes time and effort. But then again I am able to see who is where and what they're up to and what's on their mind, which in part is part of my responsibility as pastor.

Another thing that Facebook has done is allowed me to be in contact with colleagues around the country who are working hard to discern what it means to be pastor in our rapidly changing world. Throughout the day when I dip into Facebook for a few minutes between tasks I see that other pastors are engaged in the same activities that I am and are also experiencing similar frustrations. And so, in that way it can be a powerful (and cost effective way) to be supported in my own ongoing efforts to more fully serve God in my own particular call.

It is also fun to slip in the different prayer practices that I engage in throughout the day and week. Perhaps by mentioning how I seek to "pray without ceasing" it will encourage others to see that a lofty Biblical goal is possible in life, even for the non-church worker.

Of course, not keeping up with the rest of you who do read this blog from time to time is no real excuse either. I'll just have to find a little more balance, which, in the end, is part of what it means to faithfully follow Christ.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Wonderful Lord's Day

Although I didn't want to get up at all and took an hour or so to finally roll out of bed, I eventually did just that. I got out of bed and headed off to church to prepare for worship today. Between the coffee and the quiet that all went well. People showed up in spite of the heat.

It was just one of those Sunday's when everything works out o.k. The sermon, in spite of fits and starts came off o.k. and the communion even with my shaky hands came off o.k. too. The rest of the day was a dream as several families headed off for swimming on this near 100 degree day at Nat Soo Pah and I headed off for Brunch at Jakker's with a group of women from the church as well as one of their son's. Sadly, once I finally got home, I didn't get as much reading done as I had hoped since my mother called, although we too had a good talk about my past week as well as her's and dad's (spent at the Jersey Shore it's hard to see it being anything but good)!

So here I sit, a priviledged prince whose wife is preparing dinner and whose son is so worn out by swimming that I am assured a little more rest this evening in order to read my latest "alternative history novel." And now Kathy is calling "DINNER'S READY" so we better head off to the dining room!

Saturday, August 1, 2009


WOW! What a great day!

Saturday started off with a very productive Worhship Committee. Among other things we talked about how the Baptismal Font is falling apart and how the sound system could use a 21st century upgrade. It was a long meeting; at nearly two hours, but well worth it nonetheless.

On another front today was the wedding of Kelly Wrigtht and David Ruggles; if ever there were a couple meant to be together; I don't know of them! Today's ceremony took place at 2 p.m. at the First Presbyterian Church and everything went off quite well; even with the pastor trying to immitate the "Impressive Clergyman" from Rob Reiner's classic "The Princess Bride." This purely 80s film captures the beauty and wonder of marital as well as familial love. Thankfully, God on High was watching over me as I attempted to recite some lines from this movie by saying: "Mawage! Mawage is wot bwings us togeber tooday! Mawage, that bwessed awwaangement; that dweam wiffin a dweam!" From those classic 80s lines I attempted to tie-in the Apostle Paul's message about the abiding quality of God's love.

Whether Rob Reiner's stunt was what did it or something else, God worked God's miracles and the wedding was a success! Watching Kelly and David Ruggles make their way into God's future was a joy and priviledge! If it weren't for their love for one another the wedding would not have been half of what it was; but for their love we all experienced a JOY that transcended the wonders of MARITAL LOVE!!!

Thank God for the wonders of two people coming together; of finding one another in spite of their pasts and because of where God is leading them!