Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mom Chronicles Part 2

Hello again! Day two has gone well. VBS - lunch in the park - car serviced. Now a few moments before t-ball game. Oh! And I survived my first mamogram! Isn't that something to be sharing on the pastor's blog? :-) They had no balloons, card, or special gift to celebrate my first time(not even a sticker that says I'm a responsible woman taking care of my body), but I will survive. Eric is happy and having a great day. He's looking forward to a playdate with his friend Kristopher tomorrow and going to the summer movie.

Phil called and is having a good time...resting, reading, going to workshops, and catching up with a few seminary friends. Exactly what he needed. I'm sure he misses us and Twin Falls, but time away is good for him.

Talk to you tomorrow!


  1. Maybe you should promote the sticker idea, I like it!

  2. See, Eric is having a great time! Maybe next time Phil leaves he won't cry and want you to go instead.