Saturday, June 6, 2009

So Excited I Can't Sleep!

For the past few days I have been able to get to sleep alright, but after four or five hours I wake up thinking about where I will be in either 48 hours or next week at this time. In other words, where I will be while I am on Continuing Education in Montreat, North Carolina or Vacation/Holiday in Newport, Oregon.

It really has been effecting me over the last few days as I can think about little else as butterflies inhabit my stomach while I think about the next two weeks. Granted, I will miss Eric and Kathy over the next few days in North Carolina and that congregation from June 12th through the 22nd, but I really feel as though I NEED these next few weeks.

While I say that I know that it will probably rain every day we are at the Oregon Coast and although the conference for clergy under 40 in western North Carolina sounds interesting, I'm sure that it won't live up to expectations, but it really doesn't matter as the time away will give me the opportunity to read, journal and turn my brain off for a little while.

And so I am grateful to the congregation in Twin Falls as well as Kathy and Eric for encouraging me to travel a long way away from the Magic Valley.

Hopefully tonight, after several nights of little sleep, I will be able to get more than just four or five hours of sleep.


  1. Maybe if you layed off the Red Bull you'd sleep better!! I hope you have a great time next week with all the young ones.

  2. I think that it's great that you still experience the "butterflies" while anticipating an exciting trip!