Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Surprise

Well today it finally happens. What you ask; a new car, my first BASE jump off the Perinne bridge, exercising once again? No, nothing quite that exciting. Rather we are going to finish the project in our back yard earlier this year. Some of you may know that for the better part of the Spring and into early summer I spent part of my free time pulling up sod in our back yard for a bed of flowers and other plants. Of course we didn't do this the easy way by renting a machine, no I did it by hand and a trenching shovel one square foot of sod at a time. Eventually I ripped up a section four feet by about sixty feet, that's a lot of sod. On the up side, when I was doing that work it put me in touch with the soil, which was helpful with all that's been on my mind these last few months.

Then again, today I really have to get in tough with the soil. In a little while we're going over to our friend's home to borrow their pick-up truck and then out to another friend's home who is going to use his front end loader and give us a truck load of dirt/top soil. Then you can guess what happens. Yes, I will use a shovel to unload that pick-up truck load of dirt, dump it onto our driveway and then transfer the pile to the back yard bed one wheelbarrow load at a time. Hopefully sometime this afternoon our big yard project will be done, finally. Thankfully we have friends like the Blackstons and Smutnys who are willing to lend a hand. I really do appreciate their help, I just don't know how much I will appreciate laboring so hard on Labor Day. Who knows, perhaps by the end of the work day I will be a new man.

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  1. That sounds like a lot of work, but at least you had a nice cool day to do it.