Monday, September 8, 2008

Moving Day

Often, we Presbyterians along with other Mainline/Oldline Christians (Lutherans, Episcopalians, Methodists), are labeled the "Frozen Chosen". Well, this past Sunday, September 7th, a few Presbyterians thawed out somewhat.

The occassion for our thawing came with a response to a family in need in our congregation. The family had returned to the area after an extended absence after some difficult family issues. And they were in the process of moving into a rental home and starting life anew. So the congregation responded, first and foremost, by each pitching in and bringing baking supplies, cleaning supplies, non-perishable foods, and other goodies, enough to fill a minivan full on their way into Sunday morning worship. And then, later in the day, this same congregation full of the so-called "frozen chosen" descended on the returning family as they moved into their rental home. Several women helped clean out the kitchen. Another group help with finding just the right place for furniture. Several children of the congregation helped their old friends get to know Twin Falls again. One group of men moved furniture while another figured out how to get the appliances into the house and yet another group of men removed a large decorative cactus from their backyard so that the small children of the resettled family would have some place to play.

As the pastor of this congregation it should be noted that they had done something similar with at least two families in need of moving and resettling. But, seeing it first hand, was an amazing and humbling experience. Between restocking a family in need's pantry to helping get the house in order so that a family could settle in, chocked me up several times throughout the afternoon and nearly brought me to tears, when I stopped to think about it.

For a congregation that has as part of it's mission statement "being living examples of Christ's love" they sure lived up to that goal on the first Sunday of September 2008!

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