Monday, February 2, 2009


What's a "flapper" well it's not something that you use to turn the lights on and off, that's for sure. A flapper is what Kathy and I purchased today at Lowes so that our master bath's toilet would work again.

Sometime last week while Kathy was gone and I was trying to hold on to sanity the toilet in our master bathroom stopped working. I went to flush and nothing happened and in the midst of everything else I just decided, "Oh Well" we have two other toilets so I'll just not worry about it. I know, I know, HOW GROSS! Well all I can say to that is that there really wasn't much to flush down so I just told Eric we couldn't use that bathroom.

So before Kathy came home I asked her over the phone, and at a safe distance, if she knew what to do. Thankfully she gently let me know that I should have simply gone out to Lowes when it broke, but that we'd tend to it Monday morning. I guess I put it off because I am so not Mr. Fix It. But with a little help from a guy in the plumbing department we found what we needed, paid a little over three dollars for it and by just rolling up my sleeves we once again have a third toilet that works!

I probably should have fixed it earlier, and even though a toilet is not rocket-science it was a whole new experience for me and thankfully when the mission was complete, both Eric and Kathy were there to clap and say congratulations.


  1. Father, Husband, Pastor, Plumber... is there anything this guy can't do?