Monday, February 9, 2009

Singing in the Pulpit

Well I really stepped out of my shell this past Sunday in the pulpit. In attempting to connect Isaiah's message of "waiting on the Lord" with being in the midst of Black History month I introduced the congregation to the hymn "Lift Every Voice and Sing" by singing part of two verses on my own in the midst of the sermon. I guess I just figured that in introducing a new song if I put myself out there how much easier would it then be for individual congregants to sing out when we all sung it together.

So how did it go? It seemed to come off pretty well, that is I didn't choke and made it through and probably woke a few people up, including my son. Kathy said that when my voice switched from speaking to singing that Eric looked up at her with wide eyes of disbelief. And part of me cannot believe that I did it either. Hopefully it added something to the message and wasn't simply an oddity for the pastor to sing a brief solo.

I guess the next thing, as far as stepping out of my shell would be to preach without notes; which actually is more frightening to me than singing in the midst of a sermon. Why? Well, from my teaching experience I know how easily I go down "rabbit trails" that don't easily connect with the message. That and the time constraint, especially in a congregation where the expectations of music and a lot of it in worship is so highly valued. Who knows, maybe the next step for me will be to go without a manuscript; time will tell.


  1. hey, i wanted to tell you i really appreciated your sermon on sunday. it was a rare day that i could actually stay awhile and listen. :o) it was a great message and i think your singing fit in very well. dr. king would be proud. ^_^ well done. liberty

  2. I also loved the solo, and the sermon! I think when we sing a new hymn we don't really get to concetrate on the meaning of the words, so hearing you sing them first (in context) helped me realize what the song was about, rather than just trying to keep up with the song!