Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mr. Mom Chronicles 7

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Thanks to a lot of help over the last two days and the fact that I just got off the phone with Kathy, who is in Boise waiting for the Shuttle to return her to the Magic Valley, I am beginning to feel the weight of this past week lift.

Yesterday was made so much easier by first having to get Eric to Basketball practice and a game by 10 a.m. Why he likes basketball is a mystery to me. I mean, I never watch it, he never asks to watch it and he hadn't really ever played it until Kathy asked if he wanted to. But he really is excited about it, even if his skills and size make him more of a guard than a shooter. So for about two hours on Saturday Eric did his best on the court of Robert Stuart Junior High's gym and I prayed, thought and pondered about the last week in the stands.

After basketball Judy and Doug Pollow graciously offered to take Eric for an afternoon of play time with their grandson Zane. They had a fabulous time while I rested, got ready for my Sunday School lesson and finally made it through the "Jabba's Palace" level on "Legos Star Wars Wii". After five hours with Doug and Judy both Eric and I were able to have a relaxing evening together.

This morning it was off to church where, thanks again to Doug and Judy I knew Eric was in good hands for worship. Afterwards during confirmation, DeAun Stephens graciously played with Eric in the gym and in a little while we are going to a Geist family Super Bowl party where I will enjoy the company of my peers and Eric will (hopefully behave himself) amid a great group of cousins. Then in a little over five hours from now we will pick Kathy up from the Shilo and her safe return home.

I certainly have been reminded this last week of several important things. First, when friends ask to help, say "yes" and I am sorry for those of you who asked and I said "no" when I should have gratefully accepted your hospitality. Second, even as a pastor I'm still a dad and need to learn patience with my son, especially when parenting alone. So hopefully I'll take more time like I did this afternoon to simply sit on the couch and watch "Star Wars the Clone Wars" episode whatever for the hundredth time for no other reason than to do it with my son at my side. Third, I need to plan ahead a little better so that when these times of parenting alone come along, and there are a few more this year, that I can put aside my church responsibilities with vacation time and simply be Eric's dad and Phil for a few days while Kathy is gone. And a BIG FOURTH, but not last lesson is a reminder of how much I rely on Kathy; how much she does with and for Eric and me to help us both be successful in whatever we are doing and will do in the future.

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  1. I have really enjoyed reading about your week with Eric, and am relieved to know that there are other parents that share the same thoughts as I do. :o) I'm sure you two will be so happy to see Kathy when she gets home!