Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mr. Mom Chronicles 20: LOGOS gives life!

The real highlight for both Eric and me was LOGOS! On the way home I asked him what he liked best about the night and he said "playing frisbee golf in the church and the table game after dinner." And while I have to agree with Eric that watching two dozen kids zoom foam frisbees throughout the halls of the First Presbyterian Church as well as seeing them turn playdough into different pet related items in a 3D version of Pictionary were both really great, I saw some other things that made my week!

Specifically watching two or three of the quieter kids smile from ear to ear and engage with the other kids and adults in a deep and wide way. As always there are some more reserved kids in any group, just like there are usually reserved adults (I should know as I am one) and as one my heart goes out to them that they just hang in there for there will be moments when everything clicks and they really do enjoy being at the church on a Wednesday afternoon and evening.

And yesterday was just one of those days when I saw a kindergartner who I'm never really sure what's going on with her, I watched her sing with joy and smile and really enjoy worship skills, thanks to Shastina's (the adult leader) definite gift of teaching. I saw an eighth grader who is usually quite reserved get a charge out of frisbee golf in the halls and I saw a very quiet ninth grader engage deeply in Bible study. Not to mention watching, as I've mentioned, an adult leader take the worship skills part of the night not only to the next level but to a place where the kids were having as much fun and getting as much out of singing as they got out of throwing frisbees in the hallway. Shastina Blackston definitely gets a gold star for the night and for what will, I'm certain, be many more successful evenings with our youngest kids.

So even though for all the adults and for a lot of the kids it is a good kind of tiring evening, it is also an time where we get to experience life in abundance! I am so grateful to the kids, youth, parents, and other adults who give so much time and effort to make this ministry happen at FPC.

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  1. Phil, you are too kind! I am thankful that we had such a wonderful time and have to give the credit to the One who we were having fun worshipping!