Monday, October 12, 2009

Red Bull + Laptop Keyboard = Not Quite Priceless!

My love of the energy drink Red Bull finally gored me! On Saturday before the worship committee meeting I grabbed the can the wrong way and some of it spilled on my keyboard. At first everything seemed to be o.k. Although sticky "v" and "c" keys would be the harbinger of worse things yet to come. But on Saturday morning with the laptop working fine and dandy I thank God that my mistake didn't prove too disastrous.

On Sunday morning, however, reality set in. As I sat down, while coffee was brewing before my regular Sunday morning preparation and went to log on to the laptop and check email, things were much worse. About half the keyboard would not function, meaning I could not log on to my laptop. Thankfully sermon and Sunday school materials were already printed out so it wasn't a complete loss. And thankfully today I called Jerry Green who suggested I plug an external keyboard into a USB port which I have done and accessed email and am writing this blog, along with backing up files.

On the other hand the only way to fix the fritzed keyboard is to send it off to Dell to be outfitted with a new one. That, of course will take 8-10 business days and in the meantime there is much to do. So your prayers are most welcome as I try to get by without my laptop for the next week and a half. It should be an interesting experiment and show me how dependent I have become on technology and my possessions, especially my laptop and internet access.

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  1. Maybe instead of email, you will have to have one of those... what did you call it in your sermon....? Oh right, a conversation! Good luck in the following week!