Saturday, March 20, 2010

Mr. Mom 2010

Well, Kathy is off to Grand Rapids Michagan and I am at home with Eric. It turned out to be a busy day, but very satisfying. We all slept in this morning and when I did finally get up Eric and Kathy allowed me to read a little before I was out of the house for a mid-morning appointment which ended up being cancelled. After that it was home for a little before off to lunch out with the family and then off to the church to meet with a local artist who is helping the church get ready for a new baptismal font.

Our meeting at the church with the artist was very informative and led to a nice afternoon of outdoor sports with Eric before Kathy headed off to Boise. He and I walked over to Doug and Judy Pollow's home for an hour and a half of basketball in their driveway before walking home to wish Kathy off well on her trip up to Boise.

Since then I've spent time out in the garage working on two stained glass projects while Eric played with neighborhood kids. He had a really good time form about four p.m. to just after seven when I finally had to tell him it was time to come in and get dinner. And now we are about to get ready for bed--a story for Eric and some more TV for me.

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