Friday, March 26, 2010

Mr. Mom Chronicles 2010

It's Friday morning at 10 a.m. and Eric and I are only about 12 hours away from being reunited with Kathy, if for only a little while. After frozen dinners, sleeping in later than we should on school days, probably a little too much junk food and throwing the football in the front yard even when it isn't exactly warm outside, tonight Kathy comes home to Twin Falls before taking Eric to Walla Walla, Washington early tomorrow morning.

Yes, she's been gone a week and will be home for all of maybe six hours before heading out again. This time, however, Eric and I will be joining her; but I will be only joining in for about two hours. You see, the plan was for her to fly into Boise tonight where our other car is and then Eric and Kathy would spend the night in Boise beofre heading out early Saturday to attend a family funeral in Walla Walla while I drove home on Friday night. But yesterday United robo-called to say that Kathy's flight from Denver to Boise had been cancelled.

So this morning, in Grand Rapids, Kathy got on the phone and rerouted her travel arrangements through Salt Lake and getting her to Twin Falls on the last flight tonight. So she'll get to sleep in her own bed for a bit and then we'll all head to Boise where I'll jump out and bring our second car home and have a day of preparation and rest before Holy Week begins on Sunday when Kathy and Eric will come home midday Sunday.

It has been a good, if sometimes stressful week. And even if it is a little bit much sometimes it is a good reminder of all that Kathy does that allows me some room to blow off steam when I need to. It has also been good for Eric and me to bond by playing football, getting special snacks and spending more time together than we sometimes do.

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