Saturday, January 3, 2009

Conflict in the Land of the Prince of Peace

What are we to say, as people of faith, about the ongoing violence in Gaza? Are we to say that any democracy is right? Are we to say that Israel is always in the right? Are we to say that Arabs are always wrong? How are we to respond to the news coming our of the land where Jesus was born?

This is the perfect storm for America's media outlets, isn't it? After all, aren't the Israelites always in the right and the Arabs/Palestinians always in the wrong? But when you think about it, even if the terrorists (read Hamas/Hezbollah) have perpetrated wrongs, how is it that Israel, through their vastly superior military are responding in a proportional way? I mean, how many rockets fired into Israel would it take to equal the FORCE shown by the Israeli "Defense" Forces when they drop so many tonnage on Gaza?

When will the rest of the world ask both sides to withdraw? When will we all not wonder aloud about the disproportionate response to rockets fired with fighter jets and satellite guided bombs? Are not both sides responsible for unjustified deaths? Are not both sides guilty of over-reacting? When will we say "Enough is Enough" to both Israel and their enemies?

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