Monday, January 26, 2009

Mr. Mom Chronicles 2

Well I should have figured that after an afternoon long Wii-marathon that today's return to normalcy would be a little hard on Eric. You see, normally he has to do homework to earn Wii-time, but yesterday with mom being gone we just went Wii-crazy, so today after Eric thankfully had a "Green Light" day at school and with up to six inches of light fluffy snow on the ground I shouldn't have been surprised when I greeted Eric at school and he said, "Dad, I was thinking; we should play the Wii all afternoon until it warms up."

Well it hasn't warmed up, nor have I warmed up to the idea of doing homework so that we can return to the world of Wii, but I guess I'll have to put away my fuddy-duddy-daddy attitude and warm up to doing some "Rocket Math" "Sight Words" and other kindergarten homework so that Eric and I can fight another battle in Legos-Star Wars or race around the track one more time in Mario Kart. It really isn't that bad, I guess I just am getting a little tired of the snow and weeks-on-end of fog and greyness: basically the winter blues have me down.

So maybe a little work with my boy and some laughter with the Wii is just what I need, even if I'd rather curl up and take a nap.

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