Friday, January 23, 2009

Shack Night

Thank you to all of you who showed up last night at Pandora's in old-town Twin Falls for an "open conversation" on William Young's first novel, "The Shack." I hope you all had as much fun as I did discussing our reactions to God as Papa, Jesus as Jesus and the Holy Spirit as Sarayu. We also managed to touch on forgiveness, the quality of the book, God's "plan" and other topics. Mostly it was simply a joy to hear a group of two-dozen people doing theology in a space outside of the church.

After all, our world needs to see us (that is Christians) outside the safe and comforting walls of our churches once in a while, don't they? Otherwise those who are skeptical or downright hostile to Christianity can safely say what they want, because they just don't see us freely talking of God all that often. So, I don't know if there will be other opportunities for such discussions, you'll just have to let me know. But it really was a joy and a privilege to stand among you and wade into the waters of faith and mystery last night.


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  1. That's really great your church does this! There's a lot of good books that can be both fun to read, as well as stir up good discussion about Christianity.