Sunday, March 8, 2009

"Rendition", a Thoughtful Flick

Last night I watched a movie that provoked a lot of thought on my part. The movie was "Rendition" which tells the story of an innocent man caught up in America's nearly fifteen year old policy of sending persons of interest overseas to be "strenuously interrogated" by countries of less strenuous rule of law. Although it is a fictional account, it still will cause anyone with a heart for the Bill of Rights to wonder at what we have become as a nation. "Rendition" is sort of the anti "24" the Fox TV hit drama about terrorism and national policy post September Eleventh.

I guess for me one of the things that gets me going is that as a supposedly "Christian" nation it always shocks me to think that torture is o.k.'d by so much of our populous. After all, crucifixion was the state sponsored form of capital punishment, so for our so-called "Christian" nation to so readily accept the idea that any form of torture is o.k. is somewhat suspect to me. Granted, I understand the power of fear; it's just I wonder at people of faith saying that fear is more important than faith.

So if you want to wonder at what it means to be an American in the post-9/11 era this film "Rendition" is one that will make you think and wonder at what our founders are doing in their graves. Are they rolling in horror or are they proud at our innovation of their founding ideals?

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