Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Stations of the Cross & the Labyrinth

It has been a while since I've posted anything, mostly because there have been several pastoral matters that needed my attention over the last week or so. And then there have been several Presbytery of Kendall shenanigans going on that have grieved my heart and stretched my conscience. So, today, after about a week of non-stop concerns I was feeling pretty drained when I came in and so after grinding and making my coffee I decided to head down the hall to our prayer labyrinth.

Thanks to Dorothy Geist we now have numbers one through fourteen taped to the floor at turns in our prayer labyrinth and a handout that includes scripture and prayer for each of the fourteen turns. The reason for those numbers is that they are one way of praying the Stations of the cross, an ancient Christian prayer practice. I have to confess, while I have been curious about the stations for over fifteen years, I have never walked them. Until today and it was a powerful centering for me after so many concerns and needs that have stretched me thin.

So if you have the time and the desire to go deeper in your faith and you are in the Twin Falls area and have twenty or thirty minutes to read scripture and spend time in silent reflective prayer, then I encourage you to stop by the Presbyterian church and walk the Stations of the Cross through our Prayer Labyrinth.


  1. It sounds like you've had a heck of a week. I hope your walk helped you relax and focus and also that the week to come gets better!

  2. Visiting the Labyrinth on our next trip to Twin is on my list of things to do. After that 11 hour drive I could use some relaxing and thinking. Take care,