Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Dentist, Computer Issues & Holy Week Planning

I wish this were some kind of April Fool's Day prank, but today is one of those days that makes my heart rush and my palms sweat and steals away any sort of appetite I may have had.

Here in a little while I'm going to the Dentist for a check-up and cleaning. Now cognitively I know that nothing really bad can happen in such an appointment, but I have had so many bad experiences with previous dental procedures that a simple check up has me so worked up that caffeine would send me over the edge, not to mention that I don't want to subject the hygienist to my latest Starbuck's Blend.

I guess I have such a deep seated fear of the dentist because as a child I had to have so many fillings and I got so worked up that the Novocaine never seemed to really work. As a consequence, as an adult I have had some rough goes at crowns and a particularly bad experience with a root canal when the dentist in filing out the bad stuff hit a nerve that wasn't quite numbed up. So even a simple little check up has me not looking forward to what more work needs to be done (cavities, crowns, and root canals, OH MY!).

Then with the computer, I recently purchased a new Dell laptop because the Gateway laptop I've been using is slowly losing it's monitor. I was all excited at the sales and deals I got on it and the friends-and-family discount from Steve Knott and that the church had recently purchased Microsoft Small Business Office Suite so I wouldn't have to purchase that. But it turns out the software we bought is only an upgrade, so I have to figure something else out to meet my Microsoft addiction instead of using one of their competitors.

And of course Holy Week begins on Sunday, which means for me several extra planning pieces, which don't get me wrong are exciting and fun to look forward to, but are just that much more to get me going with the anxiety of having a Dental Appointment on April Fool's Day. So hopefully I won't be too much more the fool and will survive and the future work to do won't be as bad as I fear it to be.

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  1. You're not alone when it comes to fear of the dentist. I hope your appointment went well and was pain free.