Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Night Before Palm Sunday

Twas the Night Before Palm Sunday and all through the house not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. Huh?

On this night before Holy Week begins what should be going through our minds, if anything? Are we as ready as those who knew Jesus was preparing on entering the Holy City so many years ago? Are we prepared for a week of repentance and prayer as we look forward to celebrating communion mid-week and then observing the crucifixion the next evening? Will we awake on Easter with anticipation and wonder as those who awoke so long ago?

As we begin this Holy Week perhaps we too are in a position to look longingly for the long promised Kingdom of God promised by Jesus' entry into Jerusalem. And while we may not find ourselves under the boot of an oppressive regime like Rome, we do find ourselves caught up in a system that can seem coersive and debilitating, namely consumerism. And while consumerism may not be as pervasive as an occupying force in our streets, it does rear its ugly head upon us all as we wonder whether or not we have enough of this or the right kind of that.

So will we be able through off the shackles of consumerism as we remember and observe the events that lead to and beyond Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection? Only you will know, but my prayers are with you as you figure out what it means to celebrate a blessed Holy Week beginning tomorrow with Palm Sunday.

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