Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More Untimely Snow! Grrr!

Yes, I know, it can snow in southern Idaho through most of what I would call the Spring, but really, haven't we all had enough already?!? Wasn't it just in the 60s and the weather forecast is for the seventies by Saturday, so why oh why do we have to endure this slushy, mucky, white stuff? What would be so bad about a couple of days of just some good old rain?

Granted, Eric thought it was really cool that it snowed yet again. Though when we told him that we would be driving him to the bus stop so that Kathy could drop me off at church, some of his excitement drained away. But I'm certain he'll have made it up on the playground before the starting bell goes off and the teachers open the doors.

In the meantime I fired up the church's snow blower which worked really well even if it didn't so much as "blow" the snow as cough up big wet and slumpy sputterings of slush. So here I am ranting about what is probably a gift from God that will only make the grass greener and the flowers brighter and draw more people to the Magic Valley to watch the Shoshone Falls thundering with a ton of water. That's not a bad way to end things, is it? As the snow continues to fall I'll pray and reflect that it will only lead to a more enjoyable Spring once it's here to stay.

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  1. I'm glad you at least tried to put a positive spin to the ucky yucky snow, because I certainly am having a hard time doing it. But I will now move forward and think of it as a blessing of much needed moisture (I guess).