Saturday, April 11, 2009


Do you feel it? Can you sense the anticipation? No, I'm not talking about the Twin Falls High School Prom that will happen this evening, but something much more important. And, oh by the way, can you believe that Twin Falls is hosting a Prom on the night between the Crucifixion and the Resurrection? I mean, for a community that is quick to claim "community values" having Prom on Holy Saturday doesn't seem all that "Christian". But then again, most Christians don't recognize this Saturday as being any more Holy than any other Saturday, do they? But I digress.

This day, on the Christian calendar marks the day in which Jesus' body laid in the tomb; a day of solemnity and remembering both the depth of God's love along with Jesus' dedication of going to the cross and the power of God raising Jesus from death to new life. It is a day of anticipating the joy we proclaim on Easter morning.

Then again, many of you have had many different tasks to accomplish today. From getting ready for Easter dinner with the family, to going to Easter Egg Hunts, to paying bills, to finishing your taxes, to grocery shopping, to finding a moment to rest between all that you have to do this may seem like just another Saturday. But then again it is not for those who call on the name of Jesus as Lord and Savior.

So as we wait the setting sun of Saturday and the rising sun of resurrection that greets us on Easter morning may we all take a few moments or more to pause and ponder the power of this Holy Saturday that is may sacred if not for what we do if for who we remember this day.

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  1. Yeah, I saw Richfield High School's prom advertised at the White House for Saturday night, too. I wasn't aware Twin's prom was Saturday also. Mountains will not likely be moved by your comment, but I'm glad you made the observation. It's hard to retain the sacred or even just the solemn nature of so many observances in this country; they've all just become another reason to shop for a new outfit. I'm grateful to have a church in which to be quiet or joyful or just mad, regardless of the holiday!