Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hopsack Brown, Blue Spruce & Green Day

Three colors marked the Price family's first day of Memorial Day weekend. We woke with the sun and taped off the trim in the "Master Bedroom" and followed up with "Hopsack" as the color of the day. This is a shade lighter than what is in our bathroom. Or as we both remarked throughout the morning, "it's a soothing color."

From about 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. Kathy and I made our way around our bedroom. I took the roller and Kathy tended to the trim. It was well worth it as we cozied-up our bedroom and made it blend into our "nature" theme.

Then, before the sweat of the holiday weekend wore off completely we headed outside for the planting of a "free" Blue Spruce. I say that it was, quote-un-quote-free, because we had to purchase a Christmas Tree from Kimberly Nurseries in the first place, in order to qualify for our "free" spring spruce. But it was worth it as "she" is sitting out in our backyard waiting for a sprinkle from the heavens.

As for the "Green Day" I bought Green Day's latest CD "21st Century Breakdown". We listened to it throughout the morning and during clean-up, it was well worth it. Unlike "American Idiot" this latest album is far less politically angry and far more poetic. So if you have some work to do this Holiday weekend and you're looking for some inspiration then I encourage you to look into Green Day's latest, "21st Century Break Down". Between this album and whatever you have schelduled you're sure to get your work done!


  1. Sounds like a colorful weekend!

  2. I'm not sure I knew trees had gender, but then I'm pretty right-brained.
    I've been meaning to check out Green Day as an alternative to the junk Elias listens to on 88.9, the 'christian' station in town. Lots of screaming, angst-driven stuff. Of course, if you say Jesus once in a while, that makes it OK, right? I talked to Kathy about Green Day on Sunday; I will try to preview this newer album a bit and see if I like it, too.