Thursday, May 7, 2009


Yesteryday the Price family was graced with the generosity of Phyllis & Terry Fletcher who gave us a piano for Eric's use. A piano was something that Kathy's family had when she was a child, but not something that my family had so I didn't know quite how Eric would react. My own musical experience began in the fourth grade when I took up the Alto Saxophone which I played with the band through graduation from High School. For my part the daily practice quickly became drudgery, which I'm sure most of you who have ever practiced a musical instrument have experienced the same as well.

So these first hours with the piano are a lot of fun, mostly because Eric just gravitates to the keyboard of his own free will, for now. In fact, well before I wanted to get out of bed I heard Eric creating a new musical piece around 6 a.m. Hopefully his curiosity and creativity will not wane as he ages and maybe just maybe he has found something that will really capture his imagination and light a passion within. Thanks especially to the Fletcher family for sharing such a wonderful gift with us.

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