Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mr. Mom Chronicles 13 CHARCOAL!!!

Saturday without Kathy started off GREAT! We got up with the sun and walked over to the grocery store and bought two donuts each. We enjoyed breakfast with cartoons, coffee, juice and some special guy time and then I worked some more on the sermon and did a little reading. It really was a great way to start the day.

By midday we were outside enjoying the wonderful weather with some wiffle ball, frisbee and then firing up the fire pit for roasting weenies for lunch. Shortly after lunch we watched some baseball on the TV and Eric allowed me to take a nap. What a day, right? Well things went down hill fast after my nap. While I was talking on the phone with a friend, about four hours after our fire pit lunch Eric decided to take the top off of the fire pit. I was sitting right there talking on the phone and watching all of this transpire. So as he took the top off of the fire pit I didn't think anything of it. And as he took the fire pit tool and raked the cinders and pulled out a charcoal I didn't think anything of it either until he reached out with his left hand ... to ... pick ... it ... up!

At first shock, then tears and then a blister started forming on his left thumb and fast! I hung up with our frind and called Kathy who directed me to a first aid kit in the car and let me know I might have to drive to the Emergency Room. So, among hysterical cyring and copious tears I applied ointment and a band-aid to his thumb and instead of going to the ER I called our friends Jennifer and Dan Pruecil who are doctors. They graciously encouraged us to come over to their house to look at Eric's hand. When we got their they confirmed that it looked like a second degree burn and told us to go to Walgreens for some Polysporin. We talked and Eric played with Will and Josie until Eric discovered that his middle finger was beginning to blister too! So we were off to the pharmacy and home.

Thankfully with the polysporin, some rootbeer and ice cream and television and Eric was off to a quiet time and rest for bed. Which allwed me to watch the third Mummy movie (which wasn't as good as the first two) and get ready to write this blog and look forward to bed and soon. Pray for me that Eric and I get through tomorrow with far less interesting times.


  1. You can't catch a break can you? Next time Kathy leaves town you should lock yourself in the house with the Wii and a few good movies, pad the walls and call it good. :)

  2. DeAun,

    Your wisdom is always inspired! If only I would listen to you more often.