Monday, May 11, 2009

Mr. Mom Chronicles 14: Poptarts & Wiffle Ball

All in all Sunday was the best of the three days that Kathy has been gone. Eric and I got up with the sun, both showered, dressed and were off to Albertson's by about 7:15 a.m. We bought strawberry poptarts, grapes for the children's sermon, a Red Bull for me and a 7-Up for Eric. Then we drove over to church where I practiced the sermon in the sanctuary while Eric sat in the first pew eating his poptart and drinking his 7-Up. We then took care of some chores around the building and he went off to the nursery while I set up for adult Sunday school.

Worship went well with Eric sitting with Doug and Judy Pollow. Honestly, other than seeing Eric during the children's sermon I didn't even know he was there. After worship there was cake for Mother's Day, time in the gym shooting finger-rockets and then off to an Italian Restaurant as guests of Jack and Terry Miller. Although Eric usually has a good time with that group of twenty or so adults, Bob & Judy Wright's daughter and grandson were visiting and so Eric enjoyed brunch with Ethan while the adults talked.

The afternoon was time for dad to read a little and then a marathon session of wiffle ball in the back yard. We each got to bat and pitch and Eric not only enjoyed himself but looks like he's getting a handle on both batting and pitching, we still have to work on the catching thing, but he's making progress.

The rest of the day was Wii, pizza, TV and bed for us both. So that was a really nice way to end the weekend, don't you think?


  1. Yes I think!! And no one got hurt or into trouble so it was GREAT, a green light day!! But I'll bet you are glad that Kathy will be home.

  2. I've got to disagree with Deaun! If you guys lock yourself in the house (although the pile of movies sounds good), there won't be any strawberry poptarts or (shudder) donuts. Desperate times call for desperate measures and a fair amount of sugar. We'll all be glad when Kathy gets home, but sounds like you men are handling things pretty darn well.